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Joshua Tree Company Retreats / Private Retreats


A location as unique and impressive as your team (or your friends).



Desert Reset offers turnkey customizable Joshua Tree company retreats, Joshua Tree corporate retreats, as well as Joshua Tree private retreats. Whether for your co-workers or a birthday party with friends, we know that a great retreat can bring people together in a whole new way, igniting passion, renewed inspiration and lifelong memories to cherish. We give you the best experience imaginable in a magical location.


Bring your team to one of the world’s top bucket-list locations. Athough Joshua Tree is suprisingly easy to get to, it feels as remote as one can get. Joshua Tree, located in the Mojave Desert, has long been a destination for creative thinkers—and for good reason. The expansiveness of the desert lends itself to an openness of thought, allowing for breakthroughs, insight, self-discovery, inspiration and great ideas. Set foot in this part of the world and you instantly realize how special it is. No wonder U2 named their best-selling album “Joshua Tree.” In the 60s and 70s musicians such as Paul McCartney, Gram Parsons, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and The Eagles all flocked to Joshua Tree for respite and inspiration. Today, Joshua Tree has once again become the “it” place for millions of visitors, including many of today’s top companies, looking to reconnect with their team and inspire great performance.

Trust falls and motivational speakers are so1995. Today, team members seek self-growth, wellness, new experiences, and a refreshed perspective. As they say, the whole is the sum of its parts. The well-being of each team member affects the entire company; for that reason, our retreats are focused on creating not only a renewed passion in team members’ work, but also in themselves.

Our goal is for you to have a relaxed and fun experience, not only in the planning stage when you first contact us, but through your entire stay. We offer complete amneities from yoga studio and swimming pool to shampoo and drinks, and with or without lodging. We provide everything you need to have a memorable retreat. Desert Reset offers a rich smorgasbord of activities and options to design your unique Joshua Tree company retreat experience.


•Midcentury desert-modern accommodations
•2.5 private acres of juniper-studded desert
•Yoga studio
•Pool house
•Swimming pool
•Catered gourmet plant-based meals
•Rockclimbing class
•Guided hike in Joshua Tree national Park
•Desert plant ecology walk
•Tibetan bowl soundbath
•Hypnotherapy (guided meditation)
•Nature grounding exercises
•Yoga flow and yoga nidra classes
•Breathwork classes
•Massage therapy
•Team-building games
•Transportation, if needed.

Prices vary according to group size and chosen activities, but don’t worry, we work hard to make sure your Joshua Tree company retreat is just as affordable as it is lifechanging.

Also, visit Desert Reset, our public retreat experience.

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