Namaste from the desert.

I’ve been doing yoga for years, and Desert Reset has high quality yoga sessions!
— Past Resetter


Yoga + Joshua Tree = Nirvana

The sweeping Joshua Tree desert landscape offers the mind and body a unique and mystical stillness not found anywhere else in the world. It's astonishing what the expansive desert can do for your yoga practice. The fresh High Desert air, the endless blue skies and abundant starry nights, the unusual plant and animal life all inspire a yoga session like you've never experienced.  

Words are inadequate for what is an idescribable feeling of yoga in Joshua Tree. Experience it for yourself. And bring a refreshed practice and perspective back home with you.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word meaning “I bow to you." It’s the idea that there is an eternal light within every being. The word Namaste is used to acknowledge that the light in me honors the light in you. 

Our Yoga Philosophy

Yoga means "union." Its purpose is to unite. You could say that's our goal at Desert Reset: To unite like-minded seekers who would become lifelong friends, to join you with the magestic desert for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and to blend you with your own highest self. Our desire is to create unions of all kind. Yoga is one of the powerful ways we do that.

We believe in the potentiality of yoga to faciliate union and awakening. We begin each day with Morning Mindful Hatha Yoga to awaken the mind/body connection, and we have a relaxing evening Restorative Yoga, as well.

Our teacher Jenn is highly trained and very experienced. She has a vast knowledge of yoga and anatomy, and she provides precise instruction, as well as modifications for a safe, comfortable experience at any level. 

All yoga is done at your own pace. 



Morning Mindful Hatha Yoga


Experience awakening and rejuvenation with this active, all-levels alignment-based yoga class, using yoga poses to build strength, stamina and grace. Props and modifications will be used to enhance the experience and to create accessible yoga for every body. This is an energizing mindful morning practice to help stretch and strengthen the body, calm the mind, and leave you energized for the day’s retreat activities.

Morning Breathwork


Breathwork is a therapeutic modality that utilizes conscious control of breathing. It is meant to influence your mental, emotional and/or physical state, often by removing blockages of painful memories or experiences. Breathwork can be a powerful tool of self-exploration and healing. There is much to be gained in a breathwork class as controlled breathing has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system. Let’s get to breathing!

Evening Restorative Yoga


Complete relaxation for the physical and mental self. Using props, you will be guided into supported and relaxed shapes where you can release muscle tension and find a deeper connection to your inner self. It is also terrific for anyone looking to deepen their connection to the quiet, content space that exists within. In this practice, aromatherapy and hands on energy work with be incorporated, if you choose.


We do reserve the right to change the type of yoga class offered and the teacher, due to circumstances beyond our control. Thank you for understanding.

Desert Reset is a no judgment, no competition, totally loving retreat experience. Every being is treated with dignity and respect.