A place of self-realization.


Hi, I'm Cynthia Morgan, Founder of Desert Reset. I've been pretty much working towards creating Desert Reset my whole life. I just didn't realize it.

In 1972 at the age of 8, I began Transcendental Meditation, and by 1988, I had envisioned my life's path. One of the many New Age books I was devouring at the time instructed the reader to discover their life's work by answering some questions. I crossed out the questions and wrote "Cynthia Morgan's Mind Spa." I don't know where that harebrained idea came from, or if it could, or even ever would, come to fruition.

I forgot about it as soon as I wrote it. I went on to teach guided meditation groups and later became a board-certified hypnotherapist in 2002, all while holding numerous workshops in fancy places like the Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles and working with some pretty fancy people, such as the Hollywood elite and CEOs of startups and Fortune 500 companies.


It wasn't until I met a man 19 years younger named Brad Klopman and we eloped to Joshua Tree in 2013, without ever having been to the area, that my younger self’s dream began to unconsciously unfold.

We both fell in love with the High Desert and found ourselves drawn to its beauty over the years. It truly is the epitome of the American West. The desert is often described as magical, mystical, otherworldly, spiritual, captivating, and curative. Stories abound of people trekking to the desert to find themselves, or lose themselves, or "dry out" from addictions and noise, or to simply relax and play. I kept bouncing back and forth between my stressed LA clients and the serenity of the desert (my happy place) and realized that if I could bring what I was doing there to here, which was only two short hours away, perhaps other people could experience the soul-rich healing the desert offers.

We made the leap and left Hollywood to relocate to Joshua Tree in 2017. Brad quit his job as a film producer, I closed my private practice, and we embarked on a new chapter full of big ideas. Brad had been managing short-term vacation rentals in the Joshua Tree area for four years and helped make Joshua Tree the #1 Airbnb market in the country. He has since started his own company called The Cohost Company. Brad skillfully manages the retreat space for Desert Reset and is our Hospitality Director, taking exceptional care of guests just like you.  

And I created Desert Reset, a Joshua Tree retreat experience. I had my stressed-out LA clients in mind when I carefully crafted a retreat experience unlike any in the world. It's the only ongoing hypnotherapy-based and yoga, as well as plant-based, retreat in the world. Since then, Desert Reset has become much more far-reaching than LA. Most participants are from other states and even other countries. I am thrilled to be able to introduce people from all over the world to the magic of this special area.  

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It took a while, but 30 years later my dream of creating a luxurious "Mind Spa" has been realized. Desert Reset is a place of self-realization. It was for me, and I know it will be for you. What's your dream? How do you want to live and feel each day? What are you ready to release in order to make space for something greater? I've gathered a passionate team to help me uncover who you were created to be. (I bet you knew in 1988, too.) Come to the desert to lose yourself, and ultimately find yourself and the life you were meant to live.