A thoughtfully crafted experience. 

A very well curated retreat with a good balance of activities and off time to process all of your breathroughs, lessons and reveals. Amazing job!
— KK, California



Desert Reset offers something for every seeker of every level. All activities, though included in your retreat, are optional participation and no experience is necessary. (But we think you might have fun trying something new.)

Desert Reset’s Joshua Tree retreat has a comprehensive detailed hourly schedule with descriptions of the various Hypnotherapy sessions, Breathwork and Yoga classes and other activities. The schedule will be given upon registration. If you have any questions about the schedule or would like more information, please Contact us.

Retreat Includes:

•healing hypnotherapy 
•ashtanga yoga
•tibetan bowl sound bath
•therapeutic breathwork 
•ancient ecstatic dance
•release and attract burning ritual
•nature grounding meditation 
•self-healing techniques
•guided joshua tree national park excursion
•gourmet plant-based meals
•impeccible retreat accommodations
•stunning mojave desert wilderness
•and so much more!


Desert Reset is so thoughtfully designed to create a state of openness and positive change. My higher self highly recommends!
— RB, Canada

Desert Reset is a no-judgment, no-competition, totally loving retreat experience. Every being is treated with dignity and respect.