Love from our new friends.


Besides my two children joining our family — THE BEST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. Go. Uncover the true YOU.
— SF, Ohio

I loved everything about this retreat: Cynthia and Brad, the hypnotherapy and guided meditation, the yoga, the location, the soundbath, and the beautiful community that was created in just a few days. A few months later and I am still feeling more peaceful, happier, and more excited about life because of doing the Desert Reset. I feel so much gratitude for being able to have that experience!
— TM, Georgia

Initially, I was interested in the retreat for the yoga and location in the high desert. Ultimately, I loved the retreat for the hypnotherapy, Cynthia and Brad, the other participants, the nurturing security and the feeling of peace and joy that have become part of my spirit. The yoga and location were as wonderful as I hoped, too! I am already looking forward to returning next May.
— AS, Indiana

This retreat was a lifesaver! Cynthia has such a gift for providing the perfect space letting go of old habits and patterns which no longer serve me. There was no detail left overlooked as Cynthia and Brad thought of everything. The space is stunning and the food was nourishing and prepared with love. I felt that Cynthia truly cared about my well-being and helped me with some big breakthroughs. I feel lighter, clearer and calmer than I have in years. Thank you for this opportunity to feel safe and loved while connecting to deep parts of myself. I miss my desert family! Go. Uncover the true YOU.
— KC, Illinois

Attended Desert Reset with my best friend of 30+ years, had no idea what I was attending (read the itinerary the night before I departed) but trusted my friend. As soon as I stepped onto the property, I felt at home. The space is inviting and comfortable. The grounds are desert gorgeous (vastly different from the midwest) with many wonderful places to relax, read and unwind. Cynthia is a gifted hypnotherapist and this retreat was a definite reset, aiding me on my path. Brad anticipated anything we might need, even a sound machine for sleeping! I found members of my tribe, people I know I can reach out to at anytime. If you find this retreat and think “this sounds interesting,” Sign up and attend >> you will be forever grateful.
— SF, Ohio

I’ve been feeling soooooooo happy and light since the retreat. I’ve been walking around on 11 for weeks. It’s Quite amazing really. I feel so happy to be alive and just incredibly grateful for everything, it’s such a nice, peaceful feeling. I keep waking up and checking to see if it’s still there, then literally having a little giggle to myself when I discover that it is. I feel Desert Reset really flipped a switch somehow and I wanted to say thank you for all that you are and all that you do.
— MW, California

Wow, thank you for an incredible weekend!
— RS, California

Cynthia is so gifted and authentic with her guiding therapy of group hypnosis and deep spiritual wisdom. She and Brad are so warm & thoughtful and together, created a very healing, beautiful and relaxing retreat experience in this magical desert setting. And the additional guests were like-minded, interesting people who brought warmth & laughter to the experience. The retreat is really transformative.
— KF, Massacusetts

This retreat was extremely helpful to me! The space was gorgeous, people were wonderful, and the entire experience left me Feeling more positive and hopeful about my life and future.
— LY, California

I went to the retreat hoping to gain some insights about myself and about the changes/intentions I want to make for my life going forward. I brought my husband hoping just to introduce him to some ideas/techniques related to personal growth that he hasn’t been exposed to previously. In just those three days I feel as though I made months, if not years of progress toward a more content and happier life. I had the least expectation for how the retreat would affect my marriage, except for the benefit of spending alone time together without our kids. It’s really amazing how experiencing the retreat together and doing two couples exercises has brought my husband and I so much closer. We will cherish this experience and both want to come back for another retreat in the future! Thank you, Cynthia!
— TM, Georgia

This retreat nourished my soul, lit up my heart and refreshed my psyche in the best possible way to bring back out into the world. It’s funny how going to an unfamiliar place, to spend time with people you’ve never met, can be a poignant reminder that the most important thing is love and each other.
— RN, California

Magical place! Cynthia and Brad cared for my every need and made me feel special and safe while doing some Much-needed healing and rejuventation. The space itself is spotless and inviting, impeccably decorated and well-stocked. The hypnotherapy sessions were amazing and Cynthia is a loving and gifted guide. Made friends for life and cannot wait to go back to this special place!
— KC, Illinois

In the months since Desert Reset I’ve experienced this growing, unshakeable feeling of deep gratitude for having enough of everything, and feeling really happy to be alive in the simplest moments. I HAVEN’T SMOKED FOR OVER 3 MONTHS! Which is incredible considering that previously I smoked for over 30 years. I’ve been listening to the recorded sessions every night and every morning. That simple act of commitment to healing is having a huge impact on my way of being. I feel confident that I am always carrying all the tools I need to create that kind of peacefulness wherever I am, wherever I need them.

This feeling of contentment is getting stronger every day.

Thank you Cynthia & Brad for creating such a beautiful and inspired space for healing. I can’t wait to see you both again in November for the next one :-). And thanks to all of my fellow Desert Resetters for being so welcoming and available - I’m so grateful and happy to know all of you.
— MW, California

I have a new lease on life!
— DM, California

Desert Reset is a unique and life-affirming retreat! Its blended focus on hypnosis, yoga, meditation and breathwork in a beautiful, safe and nurturing environment makes it a truly special experience.
— LS, California

Desert Reset was truly a transformational journey. If you invest in it. It’s worth the investment, and it includes the bonus of the healing and beautiful Joshua Tree backdrop to enjoy and explore.
— AB, California

Desert Reset was an incredible weekend of hypnosis, yoga, sound bath, dance, and vegan dishes. Personally, the reset inspired me to explore my mind and breakthrough old thought patterns. It is worth a year in traditional therapy! Everyone could benefit from this amazing weekend. Thank you, Cynthia and Brad!
— DS, georgia

Beautiful retreat center set in a beautiful location. Desert Reset balances the challenge of stepping outside of your comfort zone through hypnosis and other activities with more comforting ones like meditation and yoga. Food was fabulous and the organizers were welcoming, friendly, and informative. Lovely way to reset!
— BES, California

Desert Reset was a true reset, very well curated and a good balance of activities and off time to process all of your breakthroughs, lessons and reveals. Cynthia and Brad did an amazing job making it a warm, safe and loving place. The yoga sessions of Leah were a great start to the day. I can highly recommend Desert Reset if you want to spend time in nature, want to be surrounded with the magic and lessons that the desert has to offer and you want to be connected with your true potential. With love.
— KK, California

Desert Reset was a truly incredible experience. I learned so much about myself and my vision for my own future. Cynthia is the perfect guide for an experience like this; she is so kind, welcoming, and reassuring. She created a space that was sincerely without judgement, where we were able to feel free in our imagintion and at peace with exactly who we are. I return home feeling inspired and excited about what lies ahead.
— LES, California

Thank you to Desert Reset for being exactly where I was supposed to be. From yoga and hypnosis to amazing nourishment for my mind and body, you exceeded my expectations! And the facitily and surroundings were fabulous and facilitative.
— PSL, Wisconsin

Attending Desert Reset for the second time, I did not know what I would uncover. My first Desert Reset was powerful and revealed a belief that overshadowed all of my relationships. This Reset peeled back another layer and clarified my path—how to walk that path. I am grateful to Cynthia and Brad for providing a safe and inviting space to expand into my Higher Self.
— SF, Ohio

Absolutely can’t recommend Desert Reset any higher! Truly left the retreat as a different person. I have already thought of several friends and family members that could benefit from Desert Reset. It is a very calm, open, relaxed environment that allows you to participate in whatever way works best for you. Two thumbs up!
— RW, California

Desert Reset is a game changer! And if you’re not ready to reset your life, then STAY AWAY!!! (You have been warned.) However, if you’re ready and willing to put in the work, Cynthia will guide you to the person that already lives inside of you. I’m already figuring out how to come back!
— DC, California